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How Lessons Work

Private lessons are once a week and you can choose from a 30 minute or 60 minute lesson slot. You can select which instrument you would like to study: piano, guitar, drums, bass, vocal, ukulele or mandolin and we will select a teacher that will best suit your music goals and scheduling needs. Once you have selected a time slot (dedicated just for you) and a teacher, your weekly private lesson recurs every week.

TRY IT OUT: We offer trial lessons where you can book and pay for a one-time lesson before registering to check out our studio, meet the instructor and get your feet wet. There are no commitments or registration required to book a trial lesson!

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 About Lessons

 At Zayas Studios we believe in providing excellence in our teaching. Whether a beginner or advanced student of any age five and up, you will learn more than just how to pluck guitar strings or hit piano notes. Music Theory is an integral part of what we teach our students. It provides an understanding of why music happens and how it’s created and aids in developing a student into a true musician. Our teachers come not only with professional training but also with a wealth of performance experience. It is our goal to teach in a way that is unique to each student’s level and learning style and to make learning music as much fun as it is also a discipline.




Microphone-icon  Showcases

Complimentary to lessons, Zayas Studios has at least two showcases a year (a winter piano showcase and a full band spring showcase). This is a great avenue for our students not only to showcase their progress from their private lessons but to also provide a learning platform in performing. We look forward to and work toward these landmarks each semester and enjoy how it brings our studio families together.

churchmusic-icon  Worship Platform Training

Unique to Zayas Studios is our Worship Platform Training track for students who are passionate about and aspiring to play in a worship band or desiring to play worship music in general. Unlike any other studio, we specialize in worship platform training as a track to choose for private lessons. Our experienced teaching team (both in mainstream genres of music, as well as worship music) can equip you to play church music or in any worship music setting.

We can develop and train you in any of the instruments we offer, with a focus on worship/church music within our private lesson program. Our teaching team is highly experienced in this area and currently all play in worship settings. We also are able to come along side many churches to help develop students or music teams and plug them back into the church’s music platform at a level that is appropriate and excellent. To get started on this tailored track, simply sign up for private lessons and let us know you would like to take the worship training track.

To see our private music lesson rates, CLICK HERE.



We've got the perfect music lessons package for you

Take your pick, see what fits!

Trial Lesson

A One Time Lesson


  • Book & Pay for 1 Lesson Only
  • Trial lesson before registering
  • No Commitment Required
  • No Registration Required
  • 30 minute lesson = $30 (or) 60 minute lesson = $60

30 min lessons

The Popular Package


  • 30 min. lesson once a week
  • Monthly tuition of $120 includes 4 lessons ($30 each)
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Dedicated lesson time slot
  • *$30 annual registration fee

60 min lessons

For Advanced Students


  • 60 min. lesson once a week
  • Monthly tuition of $240 includes 4 lessons ($60 each)
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Dedicated lesson time slot
  • *$30 annual registration fee

Gift Certificates


  • Give the gift of music
  • No long term commitment
  • Select # of lessons to give
  • Receive gift cert. packet to give your friend or loved one
  • Select 30 min lessons ($30 each) or 60 min ($60 each)

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